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Cultivating traditions without losing sight of progress: The family business DR. BÄHLER DROPA AG has continuously developed into one of the leading service providers of the Swiss health care system since its foundation in 1967.

Year 2019

Client Dr. Baehler Dropa

Agency Unic

Services Concept Design Interaction Frontend

Mobile-first design

The mobile-first approach is exactly as it sounds: designing for the smallest screen and working your way up. It is one of the best strategies to create either a responsive or adaptive design.

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Multiple Sites – one Frontend

We used the power of CSS3 Variables to build a three site setup while only maintaining one single theme. It's easily extendable and easy to maintain.

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Color shemes

Each Dr. Bähler Dropa Brand has it's own identity and we respect that by providing the right CI/CD assets.


With the use of CSS3 Variables it's easy to customize, extend and maintain.

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Quick access

The Startpage gives you a brief overview of current topics based on the season of the year.

Dropa Home Design
Dropa Anti-Aging



The guide helps you with tips and tricks about beauty, health and illness.

Dropa Article Anti-Aging


Location finder

The headless location finder helps you find your favourite location, the nearest location or just a location around a place.

Achillea Location finder


Once you found a location you can quickly see the most important information about this subsidiary.

Achillea Quick Details

Location subsidary pages

Find all details about a subsidary and the services they offer. Get information about opening times, services and offers.

Dropa Location Detailpage



If you have a member card you can login to your personal dashboard to see the current score of your family's card(s) and the coupons you can use for your next purchase. User Dashboard


Get insights of your current score. If you own multiple cards (e.g. in a family) you can track the progress of all your cards at once.

Dropa Points
Dropa Bons


Get an overview of your member card(s) and how many points you've earned. Each 250 points gets you a member benefit in form of a coupon.

Overview pages

Quick overview

Get a fast overview of services, products, news, promotions and many more.

Achillea Checks
DBD Beauty


Find the service you're looking for. Dynamic overview pages for services will help the user navigate the content pages and find what he's looking for.

Dropa beauty article
Dropa Article Beauty Mobile

Custom Drupal Editor Experience

Drag & drop

Easy layouting of content pages with a drag & drop UI. The content elements get pre-rendered in the backend for a even better UX.

Dropa Custom Drupal Admin Experience

It's live!

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