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My name is Sascha Eggenberger, Staff Product Designer @ GitLab. I design inclusive digital experiences that people love.

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I love crafting great, accessible and user-centric experiences. I have been working in the web/app industry as an Interaction-, UI- and UX Designer for ten years. In addition, I have more than fourteen years of experience as a Visual Frontend Developer with a focus on UI & Interaction. I also bring in experience with leading a mixed team of Designers and Frontend Developers.

My «T-shaped» profile helps me creating great user experiences from simple prototypes to shippable products. This also enables me to take a lot of technical aspects into account already in a early phase of a feature – if needed. I love to break new grounds and to come up with innovative solutions. I’m experienced collaborating with multidisciplinary Product/UX teams as this is part of my daily work. I’m also confident in writing HTML, CSS, Javascript and using Git as I’m doing that on a regular basis, too.

While working for the award winning Swiss agencies Unic and Amazee Labs, I was able to work for national and international brands like SBB, SRF, Audi, Nobel Biocare, Zurich Tourism, Drupal, Aduno Group and many more.



2022 – Present  /  Staff Product Designer at GitLab

GitLab Inc. is the open-core company that provides GitLab, the DevOps software that combines the ability to develop, secure, and operate software in a single application.


2017 – 2022  /  Senior User Experience Designer at Unic AG

Unic is enthusiastic about creating digital experience and first-class e-Business solutions, and have been doing so for over 20 years. The company is organised according to Holacracy.


2012 – 2017  /  Lead Frontend & Design at Amazee Labs

With a team of 40 dedicated Drupalistas, Amazee Labs is a globally growing leader on building effective solutions with the CMF Drupal. Amazee develops medium to large-scale projects, ranging from eCommerce to media and community platforms.


2018 – Present  /  Drupal Admin UI & JavaScript Modernisation Initiative

The goal is to provide a re-imagined content authoring and site administration experience in Drupal, built on top of modern JavaScript foundations.


2014 – Present  /  Member of the board, Speakers Team & Administrator at Front Conference Zurich

The Front Conference Zurich is a three-day event focusing on frontend technologies and UX methodologies. It’s where design meets technology.


For my full resume head over to my LinkedIn profile.


I am also engaged in a series of different community activities. I volunteer co-organising Front Conference Zurich, a Zurich based conference where we have talks about Design, Frontend and everything in between. I am a longstanding Member of the Board and responsible for the speaker selection.

Open Source projects are something I do value and support. That’s why I’m deeply involved in the Drupal Open Source Project as a Lead Designer & Core Maintainer where I work on the Drupal Design System and the core admin theme Claro. I'm also the creator of the Gin Admin theme which started as a playground to envision how the Drupal admin UI potentially could look like in the future but then eventually there was a lot of buzz about this that I started it as a contrib theme you can already use right now.

I also do like to speak publicly about all things Design and/or Drupal. This currently includes the Drupal Design System, the all-new Admin UI, the Future of the Admin UI and how we can improve the Content Editor Experience for customers.




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Gin Admin Theme: The Past, The Present & The Future
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Creating a better Experience for Content Editors (Yorkshire Edition)
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Easy Out of the Box Initiative Keynote
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A better Experience for Content Editors
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Designing the future of the Drupal Admin UI
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Fast UX Feedback for Your Drupal Project
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The Current State of the Drupal Admin UI Redesign
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If you have any questions or would like to discuss an upcoming project, please feel free to get in touch with me.