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Swiss marketplace for security and health products

The brief was to create a new online market place for Sapros and it's more than 60 suppliers.

Year 2019

Client Sapros (SUVA)

Agency Unic

Services Design UX Interaction Frontend

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Find the right product for your security needs

The goal of this webshop is not to sell a product quickly – it's rather to give you the exact product for your needs. As Sapros is selling security products it's very important to always sell you the product which is right for your security risk.

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Product view

An easy product view which shows all relevant information

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sapros product mobile


Navigate through the sites categories

sapros category
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3-step checkout process

Easy and simple checkout process

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Quickly find your product

Sapros Quick Search Results
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A very simple search result interface

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Mobile optimised

sapros product mobile
sapros product mobile
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sapros product mobile
sapros overview mobile
sapros search mobile
sapros category mobile
sapros startpage mobile
sapros checkout mobile
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sapros add step mobile
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Adding a product the right way

At Sapros it's very important that the security products are added the right way. So we've created a process to make sure the product administrators will add all the right information for a product and add it to the right product category.

sapros add step product admin

Attributes for filtering

Sapros Create Product: Add filters

A dashboard for product admins

Sapros Dashboard

It's live!

Go ahead and have a look at the live website