A leading swiss credit & leasing institution. Custom financing solutions.

Cashgate Hero
Credit Step 1

What I did for Cashgate

The brief was to create a new, intuitive website which creates more leads. Analytics helped to figure out to prioritize features and interviews with users help to build up helpful service features.

Year 2017

Client Cashgate (Aduno Group)

Agency Unic AG

Services Concept Design Frontend

Credit calculator


Startpage Mobile

Services at your fingertips

Some helping services like text chat, video chat and recall right at your fingertips.

Mobile Services
Live chat


They site uses different channels to communicate with it's clients, one of them is a live chat integration.

Credit calculator

Easily calculate your personalised credit

Credit Step 1
Credit Step 1

Credit application

The credit application is the core of the website

Credit Step 2
Credit Step 2 Mobile

Shots from Dribbble

Landing pages

Clear & easy to understand landing pages

Credit Landing page
Credit Cashcredit Landing page

Detail pages

Informative detail pages

A custom designed map

A custom designed map helps the use find the locations of Cashgate and it's partner network.


It's live!

Go ahead and have a look at the live website

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