Zurich Tourism

Lake Zurich with blue sky
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Popularizing the image of Zurich as an attractive trip destination

The brief was to analyse their existing web presence, improve the navigation concept and user journey and redesign their online experience. As well as being more logically structured with an intuitive, attractive interface. The site had to position Zurich as one of europe's leading destinations.

Year 2016

Client Zürich Tourismus

Agency Amazee Labs

Services Concept Design Interaction Frontend Illustration

Mobile first design

The mobile-first approach is exactly as it sounds: designing for the smallest screen and working your way up. It is one of the best strategies to create either a responsive or adaptive design.

Startpage Mobile
Filterpage Mobile
Mobile Detail View
Mobile Detail View
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Nothing is like home

A big hero image/background video to make a good first impression. Followed by the most important features on the site like Exploring, finding and booking sections.

Startpage Mobile

Custom designed Map

A styled Google Maps helps the user find what he searches for. The focus for the map was to highlight the green parts of the city and all it's water surroundings.

Google Map

Stories about Zurich


Shots from Dribbble


Mobile first approach

Easily find what you're searching for. The navigation was designed with a mobile-first pattern. On desktop a big flyout menu helps the user with recommondations in each category.

Navigation Mobile

Your city travel guide

zht travelpass
Limmat with a view on the Zurich old town

Where to stay

An instant search

Easily find the information you're looking for. A headless approach helped to make a very fast search experience with a lot of exposed filters for the user.

Filterpage Mobile

Discover Zurich

Get inspired

"Discover Zurich" shows you all the beautiful sides of Zurich. Get inspired and see what you can do while you're in Zurich.

zt explore desktop

Every detail matters

That's why I created a hand crafted icon set for Zurich Tourism with over 64 icons.


Clean and uncluttered teasers show the users all important information about a place, restaurant, event etc.

Hotel Card Teaser

The right use of high quality imagery

Zurich Tourism provided a lot of high quality pictures, so the main task was to build a design around them.

Uetliberg with a view on the lake and Zurich

Portrait of people from Zurich

Get to know Zurich through the eyes of locals

portrait detail

All information at your fingertips

New detail pages for restaurants, bars, sights, accommodation, and many more with all relevant information at a glance.

Detail Page