Drupal Admin UI Redesign

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The new clean, accessible, and powerful Drupal admin theme

The Drupal Admin UI didn't had a redesign in a very long time, so it was about time that it gets some new love. In a huge developer focused community we are a small design team with a passion for Drupal to take on this project.

Year 2018–

Client Drupal Open Source Project


Services Design

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The facelift

Meet Claro: A less cluttered interface – but yet fully accessible

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The goal: WCAG 2.0 at level AA

An important focus is on accessibility to be compliant with the WCAG 2.0 guidelines at level AA.

The Drupal Design System

The new design system includes all states of elements and a clear documentation about layers, spacings, sizings and variations.

Drupal Toolar specifications

Newest shots from Dribbble

Optimization of the Mobile Experience

One part of our work was to improve the experience for mobile users.

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Configuration management

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New list view

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Clear & easy to use interface

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Session about the current state

Learn more about the current state of this initiative

Work in progress

We're working hard on this to get it out of the door, stay tuned for more!