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Swiss Meat – Schweizer Fleisch

Get background information: surprising cuts of meat, simple cooking methods and many tips for cooking at home.

Year 2019

Client Proviande

Agency Unic

Services Concept Design Interaction


Divided into topics

The Startpage was divided into topics for users to explore. Sections include "Good to know", "Meat preparation", "Around meat" and many more.

Schweizer Fleisch Startpage

Mobile-first design

The mobile-first approach is exactly as it sounds: designing for the smallest screen and working your way up. It is one of the best strategies to create either a responsive or adaptive design.

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Simplicity was the key to design the hero section of the articles. To support the beautiful picture world I used a clean design language that the images can speak for itself.

Easy & understandable

Teasers with easy & clear information helps users to navigate the site.

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Good to know

Get background information

Surprising cuts of meat, simple cooking methods and many tips for cooking at home.

Schweizer Fleisch Goats

Background Stories

Get insights

Learn more about the individual breeds of different animals, the keeping and feeding, the products that are created and the problems that breeders have to deal with.

Goat breeding
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Schweizer Fleisch Knife


Want to learn more?

In a magazine approach Schweizer Fleisch tells stories around the Animal keeping, production, people behind it and everything around the subject meat.

The Knife Story

Picture stories

Image galleries help the user to enjoy the stories with iamges.

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High quality imagery

Outstanding images are used to tell the stories around swiss meat

Attention to details

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Cook with Swiss Meat


How do you cut meat the right way? How long does it need to be cooked, steamed, baked or grilled? Get recipes from experts and learn to cook meat the right way.

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Recipes Search

This search was implemented using a headless approach with facets which are exposed to the user so he can narrow his search to his needs

Schweizer Fleisch Recipe Search page
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It's live!

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