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Products and services that improve customers value chain automation

The brief was to create a new web presence, improve the navigation concept and user journey and make it look more professional. As well as creating a simple Android App to scan trackings.

Year 2018

Client AG

Agency Unic

Services Concept Design UX Frontend

Android App

App Design

Modum uses an Android/iOS App for it's customers so they can quickly enable their sensors.

Track your shipments

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A clean start

Startpage Mobile

Mobile first design

The mobile-first approach is exactly as it sounds: designing for the smallest screen and working your way up. It is one of the best strategies to create either a responsive design.

Modum Detail
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Startpage Mobile
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Component based design

The design is based on a flexible layout with simple components which can be easily combined together.

Modum Content Block
Modum Content Block

Services journey

Interactive journey of the service platform

3 Steps

Modular landing pages

The page uses a modular system to ensure the content editors have enough freedom to create the content in the way they want but also that it looks consistent across the site.

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It's live!

Go ahead and have a look at the live website