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Gin Future UI

Providing site builders and content editors a completely new Administration experience for their Drupal sites. Welcome to the Future of the Drupal Admin Interface. Learn more in this Medium article.

Year 2020

Client OpenSource

Agency Sascha Eggenberger

Services Concept Design UX Interaction Frontend

Gin Future UI Content View Darkmode

Darkmode support

Lights out! This new Admin UI supports a Darkmode.

Content View

A more compact view with greater clearance thanks to better hierarchy.

Gin Future UI Content View
Gin Hero

A new & fresh Drupal Experience

Easy to use

The goal of this new User Interface was to give Drupal a fresh and easy to use Interface.

Gin FutureUI Content View

Are you a fan of darkmode?

Well, I've got you covered. Enable the Darkmode so Drupal's interface blend in well with your dark enviroment.

Gin FutureUI Content View Darkmode

Work in progress from Dribbble

A new navigation pattern

Sidebar navigation

Instead of the horizontal Toolbar used by Drupal Core we use a sidebar navigation on the left side. This allows the user to quicker navigation through Drupal's menus.

Gin FutureUI Sidebar Nav

Sidebar navigation

See more of Drupal's menu items.

Sidebar on the dark side

Works great in either the Light version or dark version of the theme.

Gin FutureUI Sidebar Nav Darkmode

More compact views

With clear call-to-actions and more compact views the new UI not just looks fresher than before but is also more content densitive.

Gin FutureUI Content Form mode
Gin FutureUI Content Form Mode Darkmode

Media Gallery

Simple & easy to use

Simplicated interface for the media gallery. Bulk operations work exactly the same as on all the other views and just appear when you need them.

Gin Future UI Media Gallery
Gin Future UI Media Gallery Darkmode


Accent color

Customize your own or customers experience by using a custom accent color.

Gin Future UI Accent one
Gin Future UI Darkmode Orange accent color
Gin Hero

Node Edit

Content editing

A new layout for content editing. Better sidebar, always to use Call-to-actions like Save & Preview, better hierarchy and better focus.

Gin Future UI Node Edit


Don't like the new sidebar navigation approach?

No big deal, just switch to the old "legacy" Drupal horizontal toolbar. Also supports Darkmode.

Gin Future UI Legacy toolbar

Head over to Drupal

Go ahead and have a look at it, download it today for your Drupal site